best Racing games for kids

Choosing appropriate games for your children (or younger siblings) can be a very difficult prospect. Ideally, you will probably want to scratch your children unattended with something that nurtures and challenges your young minds, but it will also give them a sense of pride and success (without spending hundreds of dollars). in booty boats).

In the past, our substitute parents were Sonic, Mario and Crash, but this kind of platform has given way to a new generation of children’s games. The collection of one billion useless rings / coins / Wumpa fruit has given way to a much more useful kleptomania that leads to a system of resource development.

Top Playstation games

Finished levels, which end a few minutes after reaching a goal, become dodo-mysterious thanks to self-built open worlds. Of course, you can still see independent platform games in the wild, and nothing but the Apocalypse will prevent TT Games from gaining more Lego titles, but there are fewer jumping games blocking the shelves of our stores ( otherwise compilations of “remastered classics” that exist).

I will also mention a new fashion, which seems to be decreasing from 2018: toys for life. Skylanders 2011 launched a great craze where the goal was to let you go buy expensive figurines that, once placed in a “portal” device, create the physical character in Ps4 free games a virtual landscape.

A few years ago, Skylanders experienced many sequels, hundreds of numbers were produced and the competition in the market appeared briefly in the form of Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions. Unfortunately, major publishers have basically abandoned their toys from the

product line for life, so buy them at a low price, through a liquidation sale. Or not at all.

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Before we do, Finder has asked me to talk to you a little about me so you know my opinion is mustard. As semi-responsible parents who regularly test games (age-appropriate) in front of their children, I am in a unique position to advise you on this topic. It also helps him to be a massive man-child too. So far, I’ve spent more than 30 years of my life in games, from a playboy to a non-contributing member of society, who is sort of paid to spend all day in his childhood . It’s time to sit down, relax and let my disturbing Peter Pan Syndrome do all the work for you …